Mischief CARBON

Gato's folio and rather large assets....

Mischief CARBON: 24-page anthology plus 12 unique digital exclusives!

(Warning: Contains adult content! 18+ ONLY)

Fancy a little feline mischief? Mischief is a parody comic compilation featuring the works of 8 of your favorite artists!

This is a portfolio of everyone's favorite catty feline, only hyper-endowed! With side stories from Vulapa and Maeh, we also see a few returning favorite characters from Volume 1 of Mischief Magazine!

Featuring the art of: Billmurray, Maeh, Vulapa, and White_Crest.

With guest contributors Hikebu, EarthBKun, Bunihud, and KernelCore.

Heavy hyper themes abound. All content UNCENSORED.

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