Mischief! GAIDEN

Even more mischief!

Mischief! Magazine GAIDEN (side story)

Mischief side-story: Fluff Job

(Warning: Contains adult content! 18+ ONLY)

Fancy a little mischief? Mischief is a parody comic compilation featuring the works of -10- of your favorite artists! Working hard every day can take its toll. All our protagonist wants is to take his mind off the daily grind with a little.. okay, a lot of nostalgia, but each day he feels more and more removed from a few specific things which used to make him happy. Luckily for him, there just so happens to be a business that specializes in just that. After receiving a secret referral, he steps inside one of the rooms....

Featuring the art of: Billmurray and Maeh.

With guest contributors EarthB-Kun, Hikebu, Inubashiri, Vilepluff, Vulapa, White_Crest, and two very special anonymous guests!

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